Port Access Aarhus

The Port Access Aarhus project comprises an upgrading of the road connection to the port by  widening of the Aahavevej section and construction of a tunnel section (the Marselis Tunnel Project) through which the Aarhus South Motorway (501) and hence the Trans-European Motorway E45 will be directly connected to the container port. The project will secure a robust, environmentally sound road connection to the port and eliminate existing traffic bottlenecks.

Port of Aarhus: www.aarhushavn.dk/en/
Municipality of Aarhus: www.aarhus.dk/da/omkommunen/english.aspx

Helle Svantemann, Municipality of Aarhus, hesv@aarhus.dk
Bjarne Mathiesen, Port of Aarhus, bm@port.aarhus.dk