Port Access Gothenburg

The Port Access Gothenburg project comprises a new access road with grade-separated junctions with the rails as well as the reconstruction of the railway terminal at the APM Terminal. It also includes and upgrade of the rail tracks in and to/from the port area and an extension of the signaling installation. This initiative will significantly improve the capacity and effectiveness of the hinterland infrastructure. The initiative will also provide prerequisites to develop the rail shuttle system, add capacity, and improve the efficiency of the container operations. It will furthermore allow the port to consolidate entrance functions and to achieve simplified administrative procedures to help improve the quality of port service.

Port of Gothenburg: www.portgot.se
APM Terminals: http://www.portgot.se/prod/hamnen/ghab/dacteng.nsf
Swedish Transport Administration: www.trafikverket.se

Erik Krona, Port of Gothenburg, erik.krona@portgot.se
Kurt Kristiansson, Swedish Transport Administration, kurt.christiansson@trafikverket.se
Hans Gutsch, APM Terminals, hans.gutsch@portgot.se