PortCloud and PortAbility

PortCloud, is a SharePoint-based ICT system with matching iPhone APP (PortAbility) for facilitating improved exchange of information, cooperation and innovation between ports, callers of the ports as well as other stakeholders.

PortCloud is a maritime cloud using a common database containing status information of a particular vessel call in a port and the status of any actor or resource involved in handling a vessel in a given port. Any delays and changes regarding vessels and recourses are updated in the common database, and are made available for other users. PortCloud provides the opportunity to optimize the infrastructure and reduce delays, waiting time and fuel consumption.

PortCloud is now operational and available at PortCloud.eu. The APP (PortAbility) version is currently available in Apple App Store (search for “BSHS”).

Overall PortCloud benefits:

  • Enable ports to work digitally with the stakeholders represented in each port
  • Enable ICT-ports to exchange both structured and unstructured information about vessels, calls , events and more
  • Provide a modern IT solution/framework available to stakeholders – which they can use for cost effective collaboration and management baseline tool in their business

Port2Port values:

  • Real-time ETA/ETD information
  • Exchange of black-list information (vessel)
  • Collaboration on cases/events
  • Sharing of regulatory documents

Vessel values:

  • Updated information on port status (special events in the port, labor conflicts, major accidents which affects the port, etc.)
  • Access to service catalogue and ordering
  • Complete call overview
  • Case/events management
  • Handling of regulatory documents, certificates, crew lists, etc.